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Client Testimonials

"I work out of my home office and completely rely on Computer Guru for “everything computer.” Computer Guru built the two specially-designed computers that I use daily, both costing less but far superior to what I could purchase retail. My niece, studying computer science, recently confessed that she is jealous of my computer set-up. It is impressive! Computer Guru also designed and built my website and increased my internet exposure resulting in me attracting many new clients. Whatever computer-related challenge I come up with, Computer Guru quickly tackles it." -- Anne Neison owner of AMN Transcriptions LLC


A 'Guru" is someone with a wealth of knowledge, a wide view that covers a number of points, and and the ability to get into the nuts and bolts (or bits and bauds) of a problem. Twice so far you have been there for me. In both cases you gave me a number of options and carefully explained why your recommendation was the best from a technology and cost standpoint.

You've batted 1000 with your choice of solution.

Both my business and my personal life are less worry some because I know you will "have my back" if another computer related issue crops up. That's why I have unhesitatingly recommended you to friends who have likewise been impressed and thankful.

Thanks for being there for me." -- Larry Zemke owner of Z Squared Consulting


"My name is Jeffrey Bruce and I own and operate Redman-Bruce Accounting and Tax Service, L.L.C. Our Company has used the computer services of Computer Guru for over eight years now, keeping our office computers functioning efficiently and up to date both hardware and software-wise. We appreciate Computer Guru's quick response time and "can do" attitude. In tax season, when time is precious, Computer Guru has pulled us out of many jams and we would recommend Computer Guru to any small business who would like competent computer services performed by knowledgeable professionals who take the time to explain the particulars of your situation." -- Jeff Bruce, C.P.A. owner of Redman-Bruce Accounting & Tax Service


"I welcome this opportunity to comment on COMPUTER GURU. I purchased my office computer 18 months ago which Computer Guru built to my specs and have had excellent service. Computer Guru is always there to anwser my questions and returns calls quickly. With that great experience I purchased a Lenovo laptop from Compuiter Guru, which my wife has taken as her own." -- Rex Ostrander owner of Axis Land Survey


"We purchased our laptop and desktop computers and related equipment from Computer Guru in 2009 & 2010. On both occasions Computer Guru came to our home and personally set up the equipment and saw that the systems were operating properly before leaving. Our experiences with Computer Guru have been positive and both computers continue to perform like the day they were delivered. Aside from building a computer to fit our needs, we feel that Computer Guru's expertise is unparalleled in the area. We find them to be accessible and capable of responding to all of our computer needs. Friends and associates of ours who have used Computer Guru also report positive experiences. We remain confident that Computer Guru is the best in the area and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to friends and family." -- Harry and Betsy Hosier of Louisa, VA


"We were looking for a new computer since the current desk top we had is 6-8 years old. We have had issues during ownership of this old machine but made it work. My wife found Computer Guru's card and we are glad she did. When they called to talk with us my wife made first contact and was able to discuss what we were looking for in non-geekeese and they knew what she wanted and could explain it to her with ease so she could understand. When I talked to them they were was also able to understand what my idea was as current technology that would last a while and provide us with an enduring system.

Well they did not disappoint us. Computer Guru not only provided features my wife was hunting for but was able to include the technology that I asked for "PLUS". The price was not only in our range but comparing to similar market value the savings alone was no comparison. Add to that the service, warranty, and speed that they were able to provide the completed system would have added an additional 1/3 the cost.

Computer Guru was able to understand what we wanted, explain it to us at our level, provide a DYNAMITE product at a very good price, and most importantly they provide a personable attitude dealing with us. You are not just a customer and invoice. They have pride in what they do and take their quality of craftsmanship and customer relationships personally. I "HIGHLY" recommend the Computer GURU for your technical needs." -- Bill and Norma Daley of Mineral, VA


"Computer Guru is a great business asset for us. They have helped us with equipment and consulting services on multiple occasions. As a small business, we rely on our computer and its components more than some, and they take the time to understand our business needs to ensure that we get exactly what we need. The Computer Guru customer service orientation is outstanding. They are always looking for ways to improve the operation and security of our computer systems. We trust Computer Guru with our systems (they built our business POS computer) and the information contained within them. They have only been a phone call away!" -- Desi & Todd Fleming - former owners of Mineral Pack & Ship